To access the Library’s e-book collection: (updated February, 2017)
    1.    Go to:  www.pawls.org      
    2. On the left, under “Links,” select E-books    (The e-book page will open)

3.  If you do not have the Axis360 app, look at the top of the screen and select “App Zone” 

4. Select the download app for your device
Google Play – most Android devices (including smart phones & tablets)

Apple App Store – for all Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, etc)

Windows – for Windows desktops/laptops

Amazon Apps – for Amazon Fire

5. Once you’ve installed the Axis360 app, go back to the e-book page.

6. Search the e-book page for a title you’re interested in. Once you find a title you want to read, click on the book cover image.

7. If the book is available, you’ll see a “Checkout” option. Select “Checkout,” and it will prompt you for your Library Card Number and PIN Number (if you are not already signed in).  Your e-book will download to the Axis 360 app.

If you don't know your Library Card Number or PIN, please contact us at 601-684-2661, Ext. 3

8. Open the Axis360 app and begin reading!

·        Up to 8 titles can be checked out at one time.

·        There are a few audiobooks in the collection as well. These play in the Axis360 app.

·        If a title is unavailable, there will be an option to “Place Hold.” The patron will be notified by email when the title is available.

·        Axis360 is NOT compatible with the following:
Kindle e-ink devices, such as Paperwhite
1st generation Kindle Fire
2nd generation Kindle Fire

For more information on Axis360:
  http://axis360.site.baker-taylor.com/    - Select “Help” from the Menu

Axis360 support on YouTube:

If you need assistance, contact Monica at the McComb Public Library @
601-684-2661 Ext. 4
You may also bring your device in and I will be happy to assist you in getting connected to our e-books. 

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